Adrenaline/Steelheart Records announces the postponement and (in some cases) cancellations of the new already announced titles, as the label is actually in a complete reconstruction-process. We’ll start again the activities really soon. Stronger than ever!

STH0512: IRENCROS "Alchemy Of Destruction" AMAZING Symphonic Majestic Power Progressive Metal from Italy, in the vein of Rhapsody and Thy Majestie with technical and melodic Progressive Metal inspired by Symphony X, Fates Warning and Shadow Gallery, fueled by an aggressive "80s Metal old school" approach and some neo-classical guitar-parts. Including a STORMING version of the QUEEN"s classic "The Show Must Go On" as Bonus-track!!!


Steelheart Records is proud to present PERPETUAL FIRE, the new Melodic Neo-Classic Power Metal band created by guitar-maestro Steve Volta (of Pandaemonium). The debut-album "Endless World" will see the light of day on January 25th, 2006 and it will contain 12 tracks + (as japanese bonus-track) a storming cover-version of BLONDIE's classic hit "Call Me". Perpetual Fire-style has already been described as a winning mix between Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius and Children Of Bodom!



Steelheart Records is happy to welcome Melodic Power Metal band TRICK OR TREAT in the label's roster. Created as Helloween cover-band, the italian five-piece started writing new songs since last year and the result is no less than... awesome! Debut-album "Evil Needs Candy Too" has been already recorded at the famous "Fear Studios" (Empty Tremor, Frozen Tears) and it will be released during 2006. It will contain 11 incredible songs, in the classic Helloween ("Keepers" era) / Edguy style. Stay tuned!




Steelheart Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of italian Metal-Gods FROZEN TEARS for another album. After the good response of their previous effort "Metal Hurricane", Frozen Tears and Steelheart Records have decided to join again forces for the band's fourth album, yet untitled. The band will enter the studio late 2005 and the forthcoming album can be expected for mid-2006.

DARK LORD's first full-length album "It's Night Time", featuring guitar-wizard Alex DeRosso (Dokken, Headrush, etc) on guitar, originally out during 1988 for Donau Records, will be re-issued on STEELHEART Memories Records. The CD is scheduled to be released Early 2006 and it will contain at least 7 unreleased bonus-tracks! More news soon!!!

Steelheart/Adrenaline Records is pleased to announce the signing of the canadian Power Metal act ICEWIND. The band will start recording their debut-album on July 6th and the recording-sessions will be finished late October/early November. The album will be mixed by Didier Chesneau (Iron Mask, Magic Kingdom, Invictus, Headline...) at "Melody Studio" in France and the mastering will be done by the great Mika Jussila (Sonata Arctica, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Edguy, Avantasia...) at the famous "Finnvox Studio" in Finland. For the cover art, Phil "The Creature" Langelier will paint the artwork. It will be a 10 songs album including one intro and one symphonic interlude, and the overall sound will be close to Stratovarius/Freedom Call, with thundering and pounding drums, great and heavy guitars, clean voice and panoramic orchestrations and choirs, with an unique epic feeling! The title of the album and of all the songs will be revealed soon. Make sure to visit the band's site regularly for major updates: http://icewind.ca/


































































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