"Permian Dusk "

- AMAZING second full-length album for this awesome 6-piece Metal band from Australia

- Epic/True Metal in the vein of early IRON MAIDEN, MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL, OMEN, MANOWAR, and WARLORD!!!

- 10 tracks, 55+ minutes of full-frontal highly epic and evocative assault

- A majestic opus that will capture any real TRUE METAL fan!

- Featuring, as lead singer, Lord Tim (of DUNGEON-fame)

- GREAT artwork, full colour 16 pages booklet with some brilliant fantasy-inspired paintings describing the story-line of the album

- Superbe twin-guitars work (really close to the classic Maiden), powerful vocal-lines!

STH 0519



- Australian Masters of pure, powerful & uncompromising Heavy Metal are back with their second full-length CD!!!

- Black Steel' sound reminds the Classic/Traditional US Power Metal of the glorious '80s!!!

- This album can be described as a solid Heavy Metal record with a fantastic guitar-work, great vocal lines and a superbe songwriting!

- The album will please any real Metal-headbanger, showing the best elements taken from the songwriting of classics' Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Anthrax and Metal Church!


2000: "Battle Call" (EP)

2001: "Destructor" (Australian Version)

2002: "Destructor" (European Version with 1 bonus-video track and a new brilliant artwork - Steelheart Records)

2003: "Relentless Force" (EP)

2005: "Hellhammer" (Steelheart Records)




The new band formed by original ELEGY singer and guitar-player, Eduard Hovinga. IMMENSE Progressive/Power Metal in the vein of Symphony X / Cacophony / Apocrypha. Great instrumental skill, aggressive guitar-riffs, catchy vocal lines, complex songwriting!!!



"Groovin' SEXplosion"

Street-Sex Hard-Rock, a GREAT debut-album delivered by this "HOT" five-piece from Italy in the vein of VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS'N'ROSES and FASTER PUSSYCAT!!!

STH 0524


"Power Forge"

Combining Power Metal riffs/song structures with twin-guitar neo-classical melodies and some rough vocals (in the vein of Accept/UDO/Grave Digger), Vindex is proud to present the debut-album "Power Forge". The album will contain 10 powerful songs and it will feature guitar-virtuoso Victor Smolski (RAGE) as special-guest on one song!

SMM 001


"The Metal Years:

1982 - 1985"

- FOR THE FIRST TIME on CD the amazing music of one of the BEST Italian Metal band of the '80s: DARK LORD!!!

- The CD contains the first two EPs + 7 UNRELEASED Bonus-tracks!

- Featuring guitar-virtuoso ALEX MASI on all the songs

- Traditional/Classic Heavy Metal played by awesome musicians

- Everything has been digitally REMASTERED from the original master-tapes

- FANTASTIC artwork: Full Colour 16 pages booklet with the story of the band + never-seen pics, flyers and memorabilia.

- A MUST for any fan of '80s HEAVY METAL !!!

Steelheart Memories Records is a brand new Adrenaline/Steelheart Records sub-label born to give deserved attention to some forgotten METAL-gems of the past. Stay tuned for many more releases during next months!!!



"Temple Of Metal" -

FANTASTIC Epic/Classic Heavy Metal in the vein of Manowar, Iron Maiden and all the GREAT Metal-bands of the '80s!!!

- Powerful guitar-riffs, anthemic choruses, epic arrangements!!!

- GREAT recording ("Zenith Studio"), the album was produced by Frank Andiver (Labyrinth, Shadows Of Steel, Wonderland)

- FANTASTIC artwork (full colour 16 pages booklet with lyrics and bands' photos).

- Bonus-track: a powerful cover of METALLICA's classic-song "Master Of Puppets"!!!

STH 0522:


"The 13th Sign"

- Awesome Melodic Power Metal with amazing epic and symphonic arrangements.

- Great debut-album in the vein of HELLOWEEN ("Keepers" era) and EDGUY.

- A melodic yet powerful and varied sound that any Melodic Metal fan will have to love!

- GREAT production, FANTASTIC artwork (full colour 16 pages booklet with lyrics and band's photos).

- Including a storming cover of the HELLOWEEN's classic song 'Eagle Fly Free'!!!

STH 0521:


"New Era (Pt. I)"

- One of the MOST EXPECTED album coming out of Italy in 2005: the debut-album from Symphonic Majestic Power Metal Masters called DERDIAN !!!

- You haven't heard anything so majestic and symphonic since Rhapsody's Classic CD "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands"!!!

- GREAT debut-album full of great melodies, powerful guitar-riffs, epic arrangements and thundering double-bass drums!

- GOOD production, FANTASTIC artwork (full colour 16 pages booklet with lyrics and band's photos).




- Classic / Power Metal band from Italy featuring SIGMA singer Antonio Pecere on the WHOLE album!

- GREAT debut-album in the vein of German Power Metal with a slight touch of Progressive Metal and some classic NWOBHM guitar-riffs!

- A melodic, powerful and solid sound that any "TRUE" Metal fan have to listen!

- Includes, as bonus-track, a cover of the LOUDNESS' classic "Crazy Doctor" in JAPANESE language!!!



"The Gate Of Nothing"

- Amazing Symphonic Power Heavy Metal from Italy in the vein of mighty Rhapsody, Labyrinth and "classic" Iron Maiden !!!

- GREAT debut-album full of catchy melodies, powerful guitar-riffs, epic arrangements and thundering double-bass drums... exactly what aMetal-album should be!

- Featuring, as twin lead singers, Marco Sivo (Time Machine, Valas) and Eva Rondinelli (Dakrua) as well as "The Gate’s Keepers Choir"!!!

- 12 tracks, 50 minutes of "real" Symphonic/Power that any Metal fan will definetely go crazy for!




- Powerful Debut-album for one of the best Extreme bands coming out from Italy nowadays

- Technical, aggressive and powerful DEATH METAL in the vein of Death, Atheist and Cinic with some hints of Swedish Melodic Death Metal a la early Dark Tranquillity

- They played as opening-acts for international bands like The Crown, God Dethroned, Entombed and Novembre.

- Including the monumental Death-Metal Suite called "Dracona" (approx. 10 minutes long)

- GREAT artwork, full colour 16 pages booklet including all the lyrics

- Superbe production and mastering!

STH 0413


"Metal Hurricane"

UNBELIEVABLE 3rd album for this great italian Classic Heavy Metal five-piece!

That's the MOST POWERFUL Heavy Metal CD that you'll be able to listen during the whole 2004!!!!

Frozen Tears'sound is definetely worth the BEST of the classic JUDAS PRIEST sound!!!

AWESOME production by very well known "Fear Studios" (Empty Tremor, etc.), GREAT artwork (full colour 16 pages booklet).

Includes a cover of the JUDAS PRIEST classic "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll"

ADR 0024


"Broken Halo"

FANTASTIC debut-album from this new GREAT R'n'R band from Denmark

Modern, melodic and powerful Street/Hard-Rock in the vein of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, MOTLEY CRUE and SKID ROW !!!

Featuring ex members of PUSH, PRIME-TIME, DOGMOB and NARITA

Great melodies, amazing energy, a real Rock'n'Roll approach... that's exactly what Hard-Rock have to be in the New Millenium!!!

STH 0415

ALL TOO HUMAN - "Entropy"

(Special-Guest: DEREK SHERINIAN on the entire album!)

AMAZING 2nd album for one of the BEST Progressive Metal acts from USA

Special Guest: ex Dream Theater's keyboards player Derek Sherinian

Technical still melodic and powerful Progressive/Power Metal in the vein of Dream Theater / Queensryche / Symphony X

New European Re-mastered version with two bonus-tracks, brand new cover and revised artwork.


Derek Sherinian (ex DREAM THEATER): keyboards

Don DuZan: vocals

Maurice Taylor: bass

Clint Wilson: Gtr

Chris Lucci: Drums + Percussions

STH 0418

"A Tribute To The Glory Of '80s METAL"


1. BLACK STEEL (Australia): "Power And The Glory" (SAXON)

2. FROZEN TEARS (Italy): "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll" (JUDAS PRIEST)

3. ILIUM (Australia): "Rainbow In The Dark" (R.J. DIO)

4. MYSTERY BLUE (France): "Metal Daze" (MANOWAR)

5. SOMNIAE STATUS (Italy): "I Don’t Believe In Love" (QUEENSRYCHE)

6. ASKA (USA): "Flight Of Icarus" (IRON MAIDEN)

7. STAR RATS (Denmark): "Long Live Rock'n''Roll" (RAINBOW)

8. RAPID FIRE (Italy): "Crazy Doctor" (LOUDNESS)

9. DRAKKAR (Italy): "Poison" (ALICE COOPER)

10. SEVENTH SEAL (Italy): "Flee From Reality" (METAL CHURCH)


12. TWILIGHT ODYSSEY (USA): "Unchain The Night" (DOKKEN)

13. S.N.P. (Italy): "The Thing That Should Not Be" (METALLICA)

14. MOTHER OF SIN (Holland): "Madhouse" (ANTHRAX)

Bonus-track: 15. SEVENTH SEAL (Italy): "I'm Alive" (HELLOWEEN)



"Metal Slaves "

Classic Heavy Metal from France delivered by one of the best french Metal-bands!

4th powerful album strongly influenced by '80s Heavy Metal and close to the "classic" Judas Priest!!!

They toured with SAXON, MOTORHEAD, TYRAN PACE, VENGEANCE, GIRLSCHOOL, SATAN JOKERS, H BOMB and many other classic Metal acts

Fantastic vocals by the "Metal Goddess" Nathalie Geyer

New European version with one bonus-track ("Exils")

Mystery Blue previous discography:

- "Mystery Blue" (1984 / Axe Killer Records)

- "Circle Of Shame" (1986 / Dream Records - CBS)

- "Spirit Of Your Song" (1998 / Road Show Productions)



"Defeated By The Innocents"

Immense Power/Progressive Metal from Italy!

Produced by Dario Mollo (The Cage, Voodoo Hill, Tony Martin) at the very well known "Damage Inc. Studios" in Ventimiglia, Italy.

65+ minutes of intense, atmospheric, passionate, melodic and highly technical Prog/Power Metal in the vein of Symphony X, Dream Theater, Elegy and VandenPlas.

Fantastic vocal lines, great musicianship, awesome production... no less than a Masterpiece!!!


ILIUM "Sirens Of The Styx"

Epic/True Metal from "down under"!!!

This awesome 5-piece Metal band delivers his full-frontal highly epic and evocative assault through the 10 tracks of his debut-album.

A majestic opus that will capture any TRUE METAL fan!

If you love bands like MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL, OMEN, MANOWAR, early IRON MAIDEN and WARLORD... you can't miss this UNBELIEVABLE piece of METAL!!!

STH 0307:


"The Black Dragon's Eyes"

- Power/Epic/True Metal from ITALY

- AWESOME debut-album for the BEST newcomer band from the italian Heavy Metal scene!!!

- "The Black Dragon's Eyes" will please any Power/Epic/True Metal fan into Iron Maiden, Manowar Blind Guardian and Helloween

- Produced by Frank Andiver (Labyrinth, Shadows Of Steel, Wonderland) at the very well known "Studio Zenith"

- Superbe vocal-lines by new "Metal-Queen" Chiara Luci, amazing double-bass assault, great twin-guitars work!!!

- Seventh Seal' sound follows the tradition of the best italian Power Metal bands such as Rhapsody, Labyrinth and Domine

- European version with two bonus-tracks (covers of "Thundersteel" by RIOT and "I'm Alive" by HELLOWEEN)


STH 0309:


"Found On The Sun"

- Silencer style can be described as "US Power/Thrash Metal" with exceptional musicianship and killer production

- Finally out the so long waited full-length debut-album for the well known band from Denver, Colorado

- "Found On The Sun" contains the best of their previous independent-released EPs + some great unreleased new recordings

- No doubt influenced by the early 80's Thrash Metal scene (Testament, Forbidden, Anthrax and Death Angel) with the additional classic riffing from Iced Earth!

- The band features former Demons & Wizards and Angel Dust lead guitarist Ritchie Wilkison

- Superbe guitar-riffs, aggressive vocals, amazing double-bass assault

- If you like heavier Power Metal or classic Thrash Metal, then SILENCER definitely are a band you should check out because... they kick ass!


STH 0308:

TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT - "Trampled Underfoot"

- Trampled Underfoot's sound can be only described as METAL!!!

- Great debut-album from a "real" Metal act from USA featuring the shining talent of the guitar-wizard Kyle Harrison!

- Solid riffs, awesome guitar-work, powerful vocals, first-class musicianship, brilliant songwriting... that's what a Metal album should be!!!

- The Cd will please any real Metal-fan, showing the best elements taken from the songwriting of classics Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Savatage!

- European edition with a different track-list + revised artwork and a full colour 16 pages booklet.

ADR 0023:
SOMNIAE STATUS - "Cassandra"


- Amazing debut-album from one the most original bands coming out of Italy

- Produced by DOKKEN's guitar-player Alex De Rosso.

- Somniae Status' sound is Progressive, Melodic and Metal at the same time, still keeping a strong personality.

- This album will please any Progressive Rock/Metal fan as well as any melodic Hard-Rock lover!!!


"Deep And Sincere"

- Powerful debut-album for the dutch 5-piece Profound born on the ashes of the cult-band Black Knight ("Tales From The Dark Side").

- An amazing concept-album in the vein of early Queensryche, Dream Theater, Elegy and Kamelot with some classic Metal influences (Iron Maiden / Judas Priest)!!!

- "Deep And Sincere" will please any fan into powerful and melodic Power/Heavy Metal with progressive elements, a solid guitar-work, fantastic vocal lines and a superbe songwriting!




ADR 0022: FATAL ATTRACTION - "Simplicity Rules"

- Amazing come-back album for the premier swedish AOR/Rock band Fatal Attraction!

- An ultra-melodic, "classy" and hi-tech music that reminds the classic sound of bands like TOTO, ASIA, STYX, SURVIVOR, FOREIGNER and MR. MISTER.

- Typical swedish melodies, first-class musicianship, astonishing songwriting

- "Simplicity Rules" follows the successful debut-album "End Of Regulation Time" that placed strongly the band into the japanese and european market.

- Top-notch production: recording/mixing at the "H&W Studios", mastering at "Cutting Room", Stockholm, Sweden

ADR 0021: NORDICA - "Rebel Heart"

- Great debut-album for the 5-piece Nordica, the most popular Hard-Rock band from Portugal.

- A melodic, fresh and powerful sound, close to the "classic" '80s AOR sound played by acts like BON JOVI, SURGIN, SURVIVOR and PROPHET!!!

- Mastered by Tommy Newton (Helloween, Pretty Maids, etc.) at "Area 51 Studios"!

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